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How Should the Generator Set be Maintained in Autumn?

Aug. 08, 2023

1. Clean cooling system.

The cooling system must be clean and in order to make it work properly. System scale reducing it from the water jacket heat to the radiator heat, to avoid clogging radiator and cylinder of hundreds of tiny channels. The use of clean water for the radiator core scale and sediment blocking the oil cooler and the heater core. The cylinder body of water, chemical cleaning agent, neutralization and washing.

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2. Switch automatic shutter and automatic fan should be adjusted to the thermostat switch temperature range used. General thermostat using the automatic shutter and automatic fan and adjust the range of.82~91 DEG C off only at 86 degrees, in supporting the work of automatic shutter open 91 degrees.

3. Remove the thermostat from the thermostat housing, check its switch temperature. Most of Cummins engine equipped with 77~85 DEG C temperature thermostat and 71~79 low temperature thermostat. In a few cases, because of engine usage and equipment 82~91 high temperature thermostat.

4. Check the oil filter hose and cooling system to see if there is leakage and damage. Damaged hose fragments that go into the cooling system and lubrication system can limit or even blocked radiator core small waterways and oil cooler, partially stop circulation, so it need to be replaced on time.

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