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Generator Set Control Panel Automatic Operation Steps

Apr. 08, 2022

As for the automatic operation steps of the generator set control screen, we need to make the necessary preparations for automatic operation. The throttle for adjusting the speed should be fixed and fastened at the position of 1500 rpm (the generator controlled by the electronic governor , this requirement is not required), the air switch of the oil generator power supply should be closed, and the control mode switch should be rotated to the position of the module.

diesel power generator

The automatic key on the automatic control module (if the automatic key and start key are disabled during the deceleration delay of the module, you need to wait for the delay to end before pressing it), the light above the automatic key is on, and the automatic key is valid. In the event of a power failure, the automatic control module will automatically start the generator set and detect various electrical parameters after 5 seconds. After the electrical parameters are qualified for 10 seconds, the ATS switch will be automatically switched to supply power to the load. During the working process of the generator set, if the mains power returns to normal, after about 15 seconds, the ATS switch will automatically switch to the mains power supply, and then after 60 seconds of cooling delay and 20 seconds of shutdown delay, the unit will automatically stop Restart at the next utility power failure.

When the mains is normal, test the machine. Press the start button on the automatic control module, the unit will start up immediately and carry out no-load test. At this time, observe the data such as water temperature, oil pressure, voltage, frequency, etc. stop automatically. If you want to test the automatic protection function, please try after 3 minutes of successful startup (start bypass delay), the oil pressure probe lead is short-circuited to its shell, and the simulation test is for low oil pressure shutdown protection, and the water temperature probe lead is shorted to its shell, and the simulation test High water temperature shutdown protection. Other analog protection functions are inconvenient to simulate. For example, overspeed protection can be simulated by changing its setting value. For example, overspeed can change the upper limit of the rotation speed from 1650 to 1490 to simulate overspeed protection. The setting value is changed back to the original normal setting. After a fault is produced, press the stop key to reset. After the test machine is over, please press the automatic key of the module so that the control screen can work normally.

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