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Generator Cooling Water Requirements

Aug. 01, 2023

There are three common cooling methods for generators: water cooling, hydrogen cooling, and air cooling. Generally speaking, the stator windings of the generator are all cooled by water, which uses the cooling water to flow and circulate inside the steel pipe to take away the heat to play a cooling role. Do you know what are the requirements for cooling water? Let's take a look at Dingbo's explanation.

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Since the cooling water of the generator is used as a cooling medium in a high-voltage electric field, it has higher requirements on water quality. Compared with ordinary cooling water, generator cooling water must not only meet the requirements of non-corrosion and non-scaling, but also have good electrical insulation performance.

Insulation performance in the parameter is the conductivity. The conductivity of cooling water reflects the ion content in the water. When the conductivity is too large, it will cause a large leakage current, which will cause the aging of the insulating water pipe, cause the generator to flash over between phases, and even damage the equipment. With the increase of the capacity of the unit, the requirements for the conductivity of the cooling water are also getting higher and higher. In order to ensure that the generator has sufficient electrical insulation performance, the country and the industry have formulated corresponding standards, and most generator manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for water quality standards. The controlled conductivity is generally required to be no more than 2 μS/cm.

It should be noted that since the cooling water required in the generator is less, and it is of high purity, it is not easy to scale, so sterilization and anti-scale treatment are usually not required. However, if the water quality of the cooling water is not good enough, without sterilization and anti-scaling treatment, scale deposition may occur after a period of use, causing blockage. Therefore, users should choose cooling water carefully.

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