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General Techniques for Diesel Generator Disassembly

Jul. 07, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce the general technology of diesel generator disassembly.

genset generator

The disassembly of diesel generators is mainly the disassembly of nuts and bolts. In order to prevent the deformation of the parts, the dismantling of the nuts and bolts of the important parts should be gradually loosened from the outside to the inside, and carried out in 2 to 3 times.

Removal of stud bolts. Generally, it can be disassembled by the double nut method. Removal of rusted nuts. Diesel generators often encounter rusted nuts during the disassembly process. For this kind of nut, the method of first tightening and then loosening can be used to disassemble, or the nut can be heated evenly with a blowtorch or gasoline is dripped between the nut and the bolt, and then disassemble.

Removal of interference fittings. Generally, special tools are used for disassembly, for example, the piston pin is disassembled by heating, the copper sleeve of the connecting rod is disassembled with a press, the valve guide is disassembled with a mirror, and the cylinder liner is taken out with a special puller.

Make a mark, tie a label. This is a very important work, and the disassembled parts (such as parkers, connecting rods, push rods, tappets, rockers, intake valves, exhaust valves, valve springs, valve locks, valve jams, connecting rod screws, high-pressure oil pipes, and various gaskets, etc.) should be stated on the label which cylinder is the cylinder number, and the relative position between the various components is densified. There is a certain difference. For dismantled nuts, washers and bolts, place them in pairs and place them in categories.

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