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Fuel Saving Tips for Volvo Generator Sets

May. 13, 2022

With the rapid development of contemporary society, the quality of people's living standards has been greatly improved, and the demand for electricity is getting higher and higher, so Volvo generator sets have become an indispensable emergency backup equipment in various industries. At the same time, fuel consumption is also a problem, so we have summarized a few small tips for Volvo generator sets to save fuel.

volvo generators

Use a fuel-efficient smoke reducer. Fix the fuel-saving smoke reducer vertically in the oil circuit at the front end of the fuel injection pump, and connect to the DC power supply. When used on Volvo generator sets, smoke reduction is remarkable. It not only reduces environmental pollution, but also saves about 5% of fuel. Install the inertial booster. The installation and use of inertial superchargers on Volvo generator sets can generally increase power by 15% and reduce fuel consumption by 3% to 5%.

Wrap toilet paper over the filter element. Wrapping 2 to 3 layers of highly absorbent toilet paper on the oil filter element of Volvo generator set can improve the cleanliness of oil and reduce fuel consumption. Install foam air filter. In the two-layer filter screen of the air filter, a layer of 8mm to 20mm thick foam plastic with good air permeability can be added, which can improve the filtering effect, keep the oil burning normally, and reduce the fuel consumption.

Oil return pipe rerouting. Connect the oil return pipe of the diesel engine to the high pressure oil pipe, so that the return oil enters the low pressure oil circuit, which can ensure normal combustion, and the fuel saving effect is very significant. The above fuel-saving tips hope that users should operate cautiously in practice, and it is best to have professional technical personnel to guide them to avoid unnecessary obstacles to Volvo generator sets.

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