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Forbidden to Start The Diesel Generator Set with Load

Jul. 28, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce to you why it is strictly forbidden to start diesel generator sets with load.

china diesel generator

It is strictly forbidden to start the diesel engine with load. Before starting the diesel generator set, pay attention that the output air switch of the generator must be in the closed state. After the ordinary diesel engine is started, it needs to go through 3-5 minutes of idling operation (about 700 rpm). In winter, the temperature is low, and the idling time should be appropriately extended for a few minutes. After the diesel engine is started, it is necessary to observe whether the oil pressure is normal and whether there are any abnormal phenomena such as oil leakage and water leakage.

If there is no abnormal phenomenon, increase the speed of the diesel engine to the rated speed of 1500 rpm. At this time, the generator shows a frequency of 50HZ and a voltage of 400V, and the output air switch can be closed and put into use. Diesel generator sets are not allowed to run without load for a long time. (Because long-term no-load operation will make the diesel fuel injected from the fuel injector of the diesel engine cannot be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposition, resulting in leakage of valves and piston rings.) If it is an automatic diesel generator set, it is not necessary to run at idle speed, because automatic diesel power generation The unit is generally equipped with a water heater, so that the cylinder block of the diesel engine is always kept at about 45 °C, and the diesel engine can be powered normally within 8-15 seconds after it is started.

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