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Export 500KW Cummins Silent Containerized Generator Set to Saudi Arabia

Aug. 07, 2023

Recently, Dingbo Power exported one unit 500KW Cummins silent containerized diesel generator set to Saudi Arabia, the customer has received it. It is our honor to cooperate with the customer, thanks for the cooperation!

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This 500KW diesel generator set is configured as follows:

Diesel engine: Cummins KTAA19-G6A

Manufacturer: Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd.

Type: 4 stroke, in line, turbocharged & air to air intercooled

Displacement: 19L

BoreXStroke: 159X159mm

Compress Ratio: 13.9:1

No. of Cylinder: 6

Fuel System: Cummins PT

Frequency/speed: 60Hz/1800rpm

Standard: BS-5514 and DIN-6271 standards are based on ISO-3046.



Alternator: Shanghai Kepu TFW2-500-4A

Manufacturer: Shanghai Kepu Generator Equipment Co., Ltd

Alternator capacity: 625KVA

Protection level: IP22

Insulation class: H

Efficiency: above 95%

Bearing: Single bearing

Type: Brushless and self-exciting

Voltage regulation: AVR


Controller: SmartGen 6110

Manufacturer: SmartGen(Zhengzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

Performance characteristics of Dingbo silent containerzied diesel generator set

1.The noise reduction standard conforms to ISO standard.

2.Good ventilation system and thermal radiation prevention measures ensure that the unit always works at the appropriate ambient temperature.

3.Super large capacity fuel tank for 8 hours of continuous load operation

4.The use of special noise reducing and silencing materials can greatly suppress the mechanical noise.

5.Efficient damping measures to ensure stable operation of diesel generator set.

6.Special observation window and emergency stop button are set at the appropriate position of silencing shell to facilitate operation and observation of unit operation.

7.Rain proof and silent set for outdoor use.


Soundproof box structure

1.Corrosion protection

Box made of cold rolled steel plate;

Steel door locks, hinges and fasteners;

Zinc phosphate and polyester powder coating treatment, durable appearance as new.


2.Good maintenance contact

Large size door, air resistance rod;

Panel lamp and maintenance lamp;

The oil pipeline leads to the outside of the compartment.


3.Superior security

The built-in muffler independent of the equipment makes the operation safer and the appearance more beautiful;

The sound insulation observation window is easy to observe the operation condition of generator set outside the chamber;

External emergency stop button;

High efficiency, flame retardant and sound-absorbing materials are pasted inside the compartment.


4.Convenient transportation

Skeleton structure, modular design;

High strength sound box chassis;

The upper part of the silent compartment is provided with lifting ears.

5.Good acoustic effect

The noise level of generator set is 75dBA at 7m.


Thanks to the customer's recognition of our products, Dingbo will continue to provide customers with quality-assured diesel generator sets. If you are interested in our Cummins generator set, contact us by email: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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