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Emergency Control Mode of Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 09, 2022

In some diesel generator sets, it needs to be carried out continuously for a certain period of time or often for a long time to be used as a common power supply for electrical loads. This type of diesel generator set is called a common generator set. Common diesel generator sets can be used as common and standby units. Townships, mines, oil fields and other areas or industrial and mining enterprises that are far away from large power grids need to install diesel generator sets in order to supply local residents with electricity for production and living. Such diesel generator sets should be operated without interruption.

generator set

Important facilities such as national defense projects, communication hubs, radio stations, and microwave relay stations should be equipped with backup diesel generator sets. This type of facility can be supplied by the mains power grid when it is used. However, due to earthquakes, typhoons, wars and other natural disasters or man-made factors, after the city power grid is damaged and the power is cut off, the standby units that have been set up should start up quickly and continue to operate uninterruptedly for a long time to ensure the power consumption of these important projects. The continuous power supply of the load, this standby diesel generator set is also a common type of diesel generator set. Commonly used diesel generator sets continue to work for a long time, and the load curve changes greatly. The selection of unit capacity, number and type of diesel generator sets is different from that of emergency units.

With the invention of Automatic Transfer Switches, power outages will no longer cause serious harm to production, such as hospitals, office buildings, airports, MRT and high-speed rail stations, communication systems and military facilities.

In order to improve the reliability of the power supply of the power distribution system and shorten the power interruption time and power recovery time due to accidental power outages, more and more designs in today's power distribution systems have adopted automatic switching systems that control the switching of normal/emergency power sources.

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