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Electronic Control Distribution Pump Fuel System Diesel Engine

Dec. 13, 2023

The high efficiency and energy-saving of diesel generators have made the diesel engine of automobiles increasingly apparent. The electronic fuel injection system is currently the main development feature of diesel engines and a powerful means to meet stricter emission regulations.

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With the implementation of Euro III and IV emission standards, it is required to increase the pump end pressure of the distribution pump to over 100MPa. The original mechanical structure of the distribution pump can no longer meet the above requirements, and the mechanical structure of the distribution pump is facing new changes. A new type of VP44 internal cam electronic control distribution pump has been developed on the market. It adopts an internal cam, radial opposed plunger oil supply, and a distribution rotor rotating distribution structure. Using high-speed solenoid valves to directly control the high-pressure fuel supply. The pump end pressure is 100MPa, and by utilizing the pressure wave effect formed in the high-pressure oil pipe, the fuel injection pressure can reach 180MPa.

The fuel supply advance angle is controlled by a high-speed solenoid valve and can control the fuel supply rate and pre injection. At the same time, the hydraulic efficiency of this pump has reached a fully optimized level, and the power of the diesel generator equipped with this pump is much higher than that of the diesel engine equipped with a conventional distribution pump, but its peak driving torque is still at the same level.

The VP44 electronic distribution pump initially used three radial opposed plungers for oil supply, with a plunger diameter of 6.0mm and a cam lift of 3.5mm. Later, in order to increase the fuel injection pressure under partial load, it was improved to use two radially opposed plungers for fuel supply. The plunger diameter was increased to 7.0mm, and the cam lift was increased to 4.0mm. The maximum fuel supply for each cycle is 40-50mL, with a pre injection fuel volume between 1-3mL and an idle fuel injection volume of 4-5mL. The maximum fuel supply advance angle is 15 ° (oil pump shaft angle). It is generally suitable for diesel generators with 3, 4, 5, and 6 cylinders, a single cylinder displacement of less than 1L, and a maximum power of less than 250kw, and can meet the requirements of Euro III and Euro IV emission standards.

In order to further reduce emissions under partial loads, in addition to the measures taken by the oil pump, significant improvements have also been made to the fuel injectors: for the first time, a small pressure chamber type fuel injector and a dual directional needle valve have been adopted, greatly improving the formation of fuel jets, especially in the case of small fuel injection volume and needle valve lift under partial loads.

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