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Electrocorrosion Is Very Easy To Occur In Diesel Generator Coils

May. 17, 2022

The coil is a component connected to the generator, which helps the diesel generator complete the stator wire and iron core of the slot part. A healthy generator coil allows the generator to perform its proper magnetic function. However, the long-term non-compliant use of generators will lead to changes in electrical corrosion failures in the generator coils, which will promote the formation and aggravation of electrical corrosion in the generator coils, and cause the generators to experience uncomfortable symptoms such as corrosion, demagnetization, and limited power generation. But now with the widespread use of diesel generators, the probability of electrical corrosion of generator coils has increased.


The electrical corrosion of the diesel generator electromagnetic coil is a kind of corrosion of the stator wire of the motor and a part of the transformer core in the internal structure of the generator set. When the corrosion is relatively light, the anti-corona layer of the pole and the surface of the main insulating layer will produce small white spots of particles. If the rust is serious, the anti-corona layer is seriously damaged, black spots will occur on the surface of the lead circle, and even the poles and bars will be burned.


diesel generator

Generally speaking, there are two types of electrical corrosion in the internal structure of diesel generators. One appears between the anti-corona layer and the motor stator slots. We call this situation an external cause of corrosion, and the other is generated between the anti-corona layer and the main insulating layer. This condition is known as internal structural corrosion.


There are many factors for the corrosion of the electrical equipment of diesel generators. The key is that the stator slot of the motor is not sprayed with low-resistance semiconductor materials before going offline, and the adjustment of the electrical equipment used in the diesel generator does not meet the requirements. The stator rod of the motor in the diesel generator is not assembled according to the specified method, the specifications and quality do not meet the specified requirements, and the disc dimensional tolerance does not meet the requirements, which will lead to corrosion of the electrical equipment of the diesel generator.


The capacitor charge and discharge is caused by the fact that the anti-corona layer surface of the stator wire of a part of the diesel generator slot does not touch the wall of the motor stator slot. The output power of this type of charge and discharge is very large, and the spark discharge and ambient temperature formed during the whole process of charge and discharge are very high, and can achieve a continuous high temperature of several thousand degrees Celsius. In addition, in the whole process of discharge, the required reactive oxygen species formed by hydrolysis in the air will be related to the O2 and moisture content in the air. This substance will corrode the poles and transformer cores in diesel generators, which is what we often call electrical corrosion of diesel generators.


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