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Electrical Equipment Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 08, 2023

Electrical equipment safety maintenance of diesel generator set, first of all, you should lock the screen when the diesel generator is working. The key should be kept by the person in charge and don't put the key in the lock. In case of emergency, the staff must be able to use the correct method for the treatment of shock. The personnel are engaged in this work is better receive training and recognized. When connecting or disconnecting any part of the circuit must use insulated tools. 

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To connect or disconnect the circuit, circuit must ensure safety. There is a metal object resting on the diesel engine generator starting motor battery or stay in the terminal is not allowed. When strong electric current flow Pool terminal, incorrect connection will cause the molten metal flow from the outlet line. Any battery, must pass through the insurance (except the connection start the motor diesel generator, and then to control the equipment), or once the short circuit will cause serious consequences.

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