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Dingbo Successfully Signed 300kW Shangchai Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 07, 2023

On February 18, our company and Hengda Technology Taixing Co., Ltd. successfully signed a 300kW Shangchai diesel generator set, which is used for emergency standby power supply.


The business scope includes research and development of hydrophilic colloid and polymer materials, production and sales of sodium carboxymethylcellulose (including food additive sodium carboxymethylcellulose) and provision of after-sales services etc. Thanks Hengda Technology Taixing Co., Ltd. for purchasing 300kw Shangchai generator set from Dingbo manufacturer.

 Shangchai generator cummins Diesel Generator 300-2500 kVA

The diesel engine adopts a new type of necked combustion chamber to provide fuel injection pressure, improve the combustion process and achieve the environmental protection index. The emission value of exhaust pollutants meets the requirements of JB8891-1999, the noise meets the requirements of GB14097-1999 and there is margin.

In addition, the lubrication and cooling system of the generator set has been optimized to reduce the number of connecting pipes and parts, and the "three leakage" has been greatly improved and the reliability has been greatly enhanced by using the integral brushless alternator.


Dingbo Shangchai Series diesel generating sets are selected from Dongfeng 135 of Shangchai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd, D114 and C121. The units are favored by customers due to the good power, economy, reliability, low operation cost, and national-chain warranty and accessories supply.


Advantages of 300kw Shanghai diesel generator set

1. The integral crankshaft, gantry type machine body, flat-cut connecting rod and short piston form an compact and reasonable appearance, with a strong adaptability.

2. The diesel engine adopts a new type of reentrant combustion chamber to increase the injection

pressure and improve the combustion process to meet the environmental protection index.

3. Lubrication, cooling system optimization design , reducing the number of external pipelines and components.

4. The diesel engine adopts J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbocharger matching, which has strong plateau working ability.


Features of 300kw Shanghai diesel generator set

* Brushless AC generator

* Steel structure base

* Fan water tank cooling system

* 24V starting motor and charging motor

* Air filter, fuel filter and oil filter

* Self-start control screen for various protection function

* Air protection switch

* 24V start battery and battery line

* Unit shock absorber * Efficient silencer for industrial use

*Four valves per cylinder, using electronic speed regulator, P11 high pressure oil pump,effectively improve combustion and emissions, smooth work, good economy.

*Gantry-type cylinder block, rear gear train and rationally-arranged reinforcing ribs provide good rigidity, compact structure, small vibration and low noise.


Optional accessories

* ATS Control Panel

*Automatic cabinet select British Deep Sea or ComAp

* 8 hours daily fuel tank

* Container type generator set

* Low noise type genset

* Trailer power station

* Remote microcomputer interface

*Running 500 to 1,000 hours spare parts


Dingbo Shangchai diesel generator set power range is 55kw-880kw, types include silent type, canopy type, open type, rainproof type, trailer type and container type. Alternator can be selected Stamford, Siemens, Leroy Somer, Engga, Marathon, Shanghai Kepu, as well as our own brand Dingbo. If you are interested, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. 

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