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Dingbo Won Tender of 300KW Cummins Silent Genset for Ethiopia Project

Aug. 07, 2023

On June, 2020, Mr.Nour Fawaz from UAE contacted us by email for inquiry 300KW diesel generator, this is a tender in Ethiopia. They participated in the bidding on behalf of us. Although this is the first cooperation with Mr.Nour Fawaz and his team, and the opening time is a little long, but we are informed that we won the bid on october, 2020. This is the result of our joint efforts and cooperation with our customers. Thanks for your cooperation, Mr.Nour Fawaz and your team.


This 300KW diesel generator set is used for a project in Ethiopia, Dingbo Power company finished production in only 15 days. After everything qualified, we delivered to the purchaser in Ethiopia. 

cummins volvo Diesel Generator 100-2500 kVA

1.Main technical specifications of 300KW silent genset

Manufacturer: Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Output power: 300kw/375kva

Frequency/speed: 50Hz/1500rpm

Voltage: 230/400V

Power factor: 0.8lag

Diesel engine: CCEC NTA855-G2A

Alternator: Shanghai Kepu TFW2-300

Controller: SmartGen HGM6110N

Noise level at 7 meters: 75dBA

Dimensions: 4000x1600x1900mm

Weight: 3800kg


2.Technical datasheet of CCEC Cummins engine NTA855-G2A

Manufacturer: Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd

Engine model: NTA855-G2A

Prime/standby power: 312KW/343KW

Air intake type: Turbocharged & Aftercooled

Cyliner number/Arrangement: 6 cyliner, Inline, 4 stroke

Displacement: 14L

Bore and Stroke: 140X152mm

Compression Ratio: 14.0:1

Governor Type: Electronic speed regulation

Start mode: 24V DC battery

Fuel system: Cummins PT direct injection

Fuel consumption(rated prime load):



50%: 38.9L/h

Oil Capacity: 38L

Coolant Capacity: 28L

3.Technical Specifications of Shanghai Kepu alternator TFW2-300

Manufacturer: Shanghai Kepu Generator Equipment Co.,Ltd

Alternator model: TFW2-300

Type: AC Synchronous generator, brushless, self-exciting

Overload: 10% overload can run 1 hour within 12 hours

Protection Level: IP22

Insulation Class: H

Temperature Rise: H

Voltage Regulation: automatic voltage regulation(AVR)

Number of phase and Access Act: 3 phase 4 wire

Alternator Efficiency: 95%

Bearing: Single bearing

Air Cooling Flow: 2.69m3/s

It conforms to the international IEC standards and the national GB/T 15548-95(General specification for three-phase synchronous generator driven by reciprocating internal combustion).


4.Technical specifications of SmartGen HGM6110N

Manufacturer: SmartGen(Zhengzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd.

Controller model: HGM6110N

1.Automatic controller, integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, is used for automatic control and monitoring system of genset.

2.It can carry out functions of automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and three remote(remote control, remote measure and remote communication).

3.LCD display, optional display interface including Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian,Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and French with easy and reliable operation.

4.Circuit breaker for protection. Protection warming, shutdown alarms etc., including emergency stop, low oil pressure, overspeed, failure to start, high water temperature etc.


Every customer has different demand, we can make the diesel generator according to customers’ technical requirements.


Our Cummins generators cover power 25kva to 1875kva, can make as open type, soundproof type, container type( standard size/ non standard size), trailer mobile type. Since 2006, our generator set has been used for many fields, such as hospital, data center, factory, real estate, construction site, mine, plateau, desert etc., solved the electricity problem in many places.

Now our diesel generators are for sale, welcome to send us inquiry if you are interested. Please contact our sales person email: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. We will work with you at any time.

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