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Dingbo Signed Contract of 2 Sets 50KW Silent Generator Set

Aug. 07, 2023

Recently, Dingbo signed a contract of 2 sets of 50KW diesel generator set with Beijing Gu Hong Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Gu Hong Technology Co., Ltd. Was set up in 2005. 50KW silent diesel genset purchased the customer is equipped with SDEC( Shangchai) H series diesel engine. The engine is a world-class power platform built by Shangchai company according to the characteristics of market demand at home and abroad, referring to the mature technology of international advanced engine, jointly designed with Ricardo of UK, using CPDP development process and SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standard. This series of engines have the characteristics of compact structure, wide range of power, high reliability, good economy and low vibration and noise. In addition, the generator set is equipped a silent rain proof canopy cabinet, which can be directly  outdoor used, and ensure that the generator set is free from the influence of wind, rain, dust and mosquitoes. More importantly, the noise level can be reached to 65dB at 7 meters.

low noise waterproof volvo perkins Diesel Generator Set


Shangchai H series diesel engine technical specification (SDEC SC4H95D2)

1.The engine performance is as per GB/T2820.

2.Ratings are based on GB/T1147.1.

3.Prime power is available for an unlimited number of hours per year in a variable load application. The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the prime power rating.

4.Standby power is available in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hours of operation per year.

5.The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the standby power rating.

Engine model


Prime Power


Standby power






Engine Type

In-line,4 strokes, water-cooled, 4 valves, Turbo charged

Combustion type

Direct injection

Cylinder Type

Dry liner

Number of cylinders


Bore × stroke




Compression ratio


Firing order


Injection timing



Counter clockwise viewed from Flywheel

Fly wheel housing


Fly wheel

SAE NO.11.5 

Fuel system

Injection pump

Beiyou in-line “AD” type


Electric type

Feed pump

Mechanical type

Injection nozzle

Multi hole type

Opening pressure

250 kg/cm2

Used fuel

Diesel fuel oil

Lubrication system

Lub. Method

Fully forced pressure feed type

Oil pump

Gear type driven by crankshaft

Oil filter

Full flow, cartridge type

Oil pan capacity


High level 13 liters

Low level 11 liters

Cooling system

Cooling method

Fresh water forced circulation

Water capacity(engine only)


Water pump Capacity




Wax–pellet type

Opening temp. 82°C

Full open temp. 95°C

Cooling fan

Blower type, plastic 550 mm diameter, 9 blades 

Electrical system

Charging generator: 24V×55A

Voltage regulator: Built-in type IC regulator

Starting motor: 24V×4.5kW

Battery Voltage :24V

Battery Capacity : 120 AH

Engineering data   

Water flow: 117 liters/min @1500 rpm

Heat rejection to coolant: 11.7 kcal/sec @1500 rpm

Air flow: 5 m3/min @1500 rpm

Exhaust gas flow: 11.5 m3/min @1500 rpm

Exhaust gas temp.: 600 °C @1500 rpm

Max. permissible altitude: 2000m

SDEC diesel generator can be 50kw to 1800kw, if you have purchasing plan, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will work with you at any time.

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