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Dingbo Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Lubrication System

Aug. 09, 2023

Diesel engine main moving parts of the friction surface rely on pressure and splash lubrication, air-cooled oil cooler and water-cooled oil cooler, in the actual system of oil, only use one of them. 

Pressure lubricating oil is provided by the gear oil pump, the coarse filter and cooling into the movement of the friction parts to lubricate. When lubricant oil rotating by crankshaft, the leakage of lubricating oil achieve the purpose of lubrication.

Diesel engine lubricating oil, due to different models and uses, the design and layout of the oil slightly different. Commonly used models of lubricating oil has the following three forms:

1. Non-pressurized diesel engine lubrication system.

2. Turbocharged diesel engine lubrication system.

3. Second cylinder lubrication system oil pipeline.

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