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Dingbo Power Won the Tender of 640KW Silent Generator

Aug. 07, 2023


On June 3, 2020, we won the tender of 640KW silent generator set. The genset is used for real estate project. The purchaser is a real estate developer, before this order, they have bought 7 units diesel generator set from our company, power range is from 400KW to 800KW. Our generator quality is satisfied with client, so they cooperate with us again and again. Thanks for their cooperation.

 low noise cummins Diesel Generator 100-2500 kVA

640KW silent generator is equipped with Perkins engine, Stamford alternator and Deep Sea controller, which is meet CE and ISO standard. The technical datasheet is as follow:


640KW 800KVA silent generator technical datasheet

Manufacturer: Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Prime power/capacity: 640KW/800KVA

Standby power/capacity: 704/880KVA

Diesel engine: Perkins 4006-23TAG3A

Alternator: Stamford LVI634C1

Controller: Deep Sea 7320

Speed: 1500rpm

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated current: 1152A

Rated voltage: 230/400V

Power factor: 0.8lag

Overall size: 6.3*2.6*2.78m

Net weight: 12000kg

Standard: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc.


Perkins diesel engine 4006-23TAG3A technical data

Manufacturer: Perkins Engine Co.,Ltd.

Prime power/capacity: 705KW/881KVA

Standby power/capacity:776KW/970KVA

Speed/frequency: 1500rpm/50Hz

Number of cylinders: 6

Cylinder arrangement: Vertical, In line

Cycle: 4 stroke, compression ignition

Induction system: Turbocharged

Compression ratio: 13.6:1

Bore x Stroke: 160 mm x 190mm

Cubic capacity: 22.9 litres

Direction of rotation:Anti-clockwise viewed on flywheel

Firing order: 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4

Cylinder 1: furthest from flywheel

Total weight of electrounit (engine only): 2524kg(dry), 2663kg(wet)

Fuel system

Recommended fuel: to conform to BS2869 1998 Class A1, A2

Type of injection system: Direct injection

Fuel injector: Combined unit injector

Fuel injector pressure: 220 ATS (NOP) 1400 bar maximum operating pressure

Fuel consumption: 100% prime load: 172L/h, 100% basic load: 137L/h, 75%: 130L/h, 50%: 90L/h.

Note: all data based on operation to ISO 3046/1, BS 5514 and DIN 6271 standard reference conditions.


Alternator Stamford LVI634C1 technical specification

Manufacturer: Cummins Generator Technologies(China) Co.,Ltd.

Power capacity: 800kva

Protection level: IP23

Connecting wire: 3 phase 4 wire

Voltage regulation mode: AVR

Rated voltage: 230/400V

Excitation mode: brushless and self-exciting

Standard: BS EN 60034, BS 5000, VDE 0530, IEC34, AS 1359 etc.

Genset control panel

Manufacturer: Deep Sea UK

Model: DSE7320

genset 1.jpg

The DSE7320 is a powerful, new generation Auto Mains (Utility) Failure genset control module with a highly sophisticated level of new features and functions, presented in the usual DSE user-friendly format.

We are authorized as the OEM supplier of diesel engine of genset by Perkins company, Perkins generator set supplied by our company is with good performance, reliability and durability, power range is from 8kw to 1980kw. We have focused on high quality product for more than 44 years, if you are interested, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com or call us +8613481024441.

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