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Dingbo Power Won the Bid of 1300KW Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 07, 2023

   Recently, Dingbo Power received the notice of winning the bid for 1300KW Yuchai diesel generator set. This generator set is used for real estate project, and Dingbo Power will start the loitering work in time within the specified time.


    Dingbo Power is authorized as OEM supplier of Yuchai engine for diesel generator set with long term stable friendly and cooperative relations. Dingbo Yuchai series diesel generator set is with good quality and low price, win a good reputation among users.

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Feature of 1300KW diesel generator set powered by Yuchai engine YC12VC2270-D31

1.YC12VC series engine is a classic product independently developed by Yuchai. It has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, excellent performance, compact structure, reliability and durability. The emission of pollutants, power, economy and reliability index have reached the international advanced level.

2.It adopts electronic control unit pump, four valves, high-efficiency supercharging and intercooling, Yuchai combustion chamber technology, low fuel consumption, less emissions, excellent speed regulation performance, fast and powerful loading.

3.The machine body is made of high strength material, arc stiffener grid structure, four bolt main bearing structure, high rigidity, low vibration and low noise.

4.The crankshaft is made of high-quality alloy steel all fiber extrusion forging, shaft diameter and fillet quenching heat treatment, anti-wear and long service life.

5.Adopt the world-class equipment and production technology, stable and reliable quality.

6.One cylinder and one cover structure, maintenance window is opened on the side of the machine body, which is convenient for maintenance.

7.Meet the G3 level requirements of generator set performance.

8.Emission standard meet GB 20891-2014 Stage III.


Mains technical datasheet of Yuchai engine model YC12VC2270-D31

Type: Vertical, V-type, water-cooled, four stroke

Air intake mode: Turbocharged & Intercooled

Cylinder number: 12 cylinder

Bore x Stroke: 200x210mm

Prime power: 1520KW

Standby power: 1670KW

Fuel consumption: 195g/kW.h

Engine oil capacity: 340L

Coolant capacity: 300L

Max. water radiator temp.: 102℃

Engine fuel oil rate: ≤ 0.3%

Start mode: Electric start

Governor type: Electric speed control

Start motor: 24V

Start motor power: 11KW

Water pump driving mode: Gear drive

Fuel system: Electric unit pump (direct injection)


This 1300KW diesel generator is equipped with Dingbo Power brand alternator TFW2-1300-4A. The alternator is produced by Dingbo Power, copper is 100%, brushless and self-exciting, with AVR.


Of course, Dingbo Power also have other alternator brands, such as Stamford, Leroy Somer, ENGGA, Marathon, Siemens, Shanghai kepu, Shanghai Stamford etc. Dingbo Power is the OEM supplier of these alternators.


Yuchai diesel generator set power range is from 20kw to 2500kw(50Hz/60Hz), other series electric generator: Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Shangchai, Deutz, Weichai, Doosan, MTU, Tongchai etc. Dingbo Power only produces good quality and real product, not produces fake product. All of our product has quality warranty. If you need to purchase, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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