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Dingbo Power Won The Bid For Diesel Generator Procurement Project

Jan. 01, 1970

With advanced testing equipment, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system and strong technical research and development strength, Dingbo Power successfully won the bid for the purchase of diesel generator sets and supporting projects of Nanning Branch of China Minsheng Bank Corporation on July 21, 2017.


China Minsheng Banking Corporation is the first national commercial bank established by private capital in Chinese Mainland, which was founded on January 12, 1996. The major shareholders include Liu Yonghao's New Hope Group, Zhang Hongwei's Oriental Group, Lu Zhiqiang's China Oceanwide Holdings Group, China Shipowners Mutual Insurance Association represented by Wang Yugui, China Life Insurance Corporation, Shi Yuzhu, etc.


cummins 1500 kVA  perkins volvo doosan diesel generator

The leaders of the company attached great importance to the bidding project and made clear the specific requirements for the bidding documents and technical quality. Under the leadership of the leaders, our colleagues from relevant departments of Dingbo Power worked together to complete the task of preparing the bidding documents with high efficiency and quality, and submitted them to the Bid Inviter on schedule. Finally, Dingbo Power won the affirmative and successful bid of the bid evaluation experts and the bid inviter with its excellent scheme, perfect service standard and reasonable quotation.


Guangxi Dingbo Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. can stand out from many competitors, which is a reaffirmation of our comprehensive strength and technical level, and also confirms the company's good development trend, laying a solid foundation for the company's rapid development in the future. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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