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Dingbo Power Successfully Signed 400KW Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 05, 2023

On April 12, 2021, Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. signed a 400KW non-moving diesel generator set with the first phase of the Guigang Zhangtaihong project. This model uses a 12-cylinder diesel engine without moving, a large-flow supercharger and a high-speed PW high-pressure fuel pump, matched with a porous low-inertia injector, so that the diesel engine has a wide power range and excellent comprehensive performance. Through professional transformation of crankshaft, body, lubrication system, cooling system and other parts, the overall reliability of the unit is stronger.


It is reported that Changtai Group was established in 1992, adhering to the corporate belief of "being a conscientious developer", insisting on the corporate mission of "the city is beautiful because of us, and the life is happy because of us" and the corporate mission of "making your happiness last longer." Brand concept, over the past 29 years, Changtai has developed into a comprehensive group enterprise integrating real estate development, property services, urban renewal, industrial and urban development, cultural tourism and health care, commercial hotels, and industrial chain building.

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The project of this cooperation is also the first work of Changtai Group Guigang-Changtai Red, which is located on Yingbin Avenue and enjoys the market development dividend. The project is set to be the CBD of Dinggang North New District, a high point of urban development. The area will be planned as the city's high-end business, commercial, living area, and city government center. The apartment design continues the Changtai Group’s hot-selling apartment standard, and has been upgraded and optimized to respect the "popular" style and time. For this, I would also like to thank Zhangtai for his recognition and support of our products.


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has won strong support from posts and telecommunications, finance, petrochemicals, metallurgy, transportation, etc., relying on high-quality products and good services for many years. Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. will adhere to the tenet of "pursuing excellence and creating perfection". All users provide satisfactory products and services. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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