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Dingbo Power Signed An 800KW Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 05, 2023

On April 26, Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and Yunxing Qianlong Yuyuan signed an 800KW Shanghai Dongfeng diesel engine with Shanghai Stanford generator. This unit is used as an emergency backup power supply for the Hengxian Yunxing·Qianlong Yuyuan Phase II Project.


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is once again very honored to be a supplier of diesel generator sets for China's top 100 enterprises-Yunxing Group for many years. Thanks to Yunxing Group and its subsidiary Hengxian Yunxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. for their support to Dingbo.


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Yunxing Qianlong Royal Garden is another upgrade masterpiece of Yunxing Group's Qianlong Department. The project is located on the north of Nanning Youyi Road and the west of Guangming Road. The total area is 87.7 acres, the floor area ratio is less than or equal to 2.5, and the building density is less than 23%. It is composed of more than ten small high-rise buildings, and it will be built into Nanning South International Royal Garden Community. The Yunxing Qianlong Royal Garden Project in Konggang New Area has an advantageous geographical location and complete transportation facilities. It has a transportation hub of 2 horizontal, 1 vertical and 3 railways. Living here is one step away from the world and enjoying the life in the international Royal Garden.


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Dingbo Power Group, it is one of the earliest manufacturers of generator sets in China. Dingbo Power has 24 sales services, long-term technical advice for users, free debugging, free maintenance, free training services. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com



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