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Dingbo Power Has Produced 1800KW High Voltage Generator Set

Jul. 27, 2023

On July 9, the 1800KW high-voltage generator set ordered by our customer has been assembled and produced.


With the continuous improvement of productivity and the continuous expansion of customers' demand for production and power supply, new challenges are put forward to the capacity of production and power supply system under the new situation. In order to further meet the needs of customers and reduce energy consumption, Dingbo Power has launched high-voltage motor units under this trend.


Because the required current of high-voltage motor is small (the difference between the current of 0.4kV and 10.5kV motors is 26 times), it is easy to increase the power, and the volume of coil has little change, thus greatly reducing the consumption of copper and steel. At the same time, the power loss of high voltage in the process of power transmission is minimal, which can meet the needs of power long-distance transmission.


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At present, Dingbo Power integrates the talent advantages and technical resources of Changzhou University and other universities, adopts the operation mode of production, study and research, realizes the transformation from science and technology to scientific productivity, improves the innovation ability of enterprises in the field of power generation equipment, and realizes the industrialization and scale of scientific productivity.


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