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Dingbo Delivered 800kw Generator Set to ”Xiaotangshan“ Hospital

Aug. 07, 2023

Ensuring the continuous and stable use of electricity in hospitals is the most important task in the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation.


In order to ensure the safe and reliable power supply of Guangxi version "Xiaotangshan Hospital" -- Nanning Yongwu hospital, people's Hospital Branch of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, at 7 a.m. on February 4, 2020, our company successfully delivered an 800kw container generator set to the site.

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The purchaser is Guangxi Nanning Power Supply Bureau of China Power Grid Co., Ltd. In view of the current needs of epidemic prevention and control, Nanning city plans to add emergency medical facilities in Yongwu branch of district hospital. In order to ensure medical power consumption, the Bureau has transferred a large number of materials for power supply construction. In order to ensure the completion of the project in early February and improve the epidemic prevention and control facilities in Nanning, the hospital needs our company to send an 800 kW container type diesel generator set to Yongwu hospital in XiXiangTang District, Nanning.


After receiving the notice on February 1, 2020, in the first time Dingbo company transported the units that meet its requirements from Jiangsu headquarters for emergency dispatch day after day on February 2, and successfully arrived at the construction site on February 4, and officially put into use after debugging on February 7.

"Only when the electricity is guaranteed can the medical staff work normally and orderly." Mr. Cheng Xingrong, the star of Dingbo, was escorting the crew. He was a veteran. He sacrificed the precious time of Spring Festival and family reunion         to actively respond to the needs of users and the national government. He went out overnight to provide strong support for the timely delivery of the generator set!


"In order to deal with sudden power failure, remember that the generator must be started once every day, running without load for about 15 minutes, to ensure that the generator can work normally at all times." Mr.Gu said, the after-sales service center of Dingbo Company, repeatedly told the user about the precautions for using the unit.

In order to win the sniper battle of epidemic prevention and control, the power supply guarantee of hospital is very important. During the fight against novel coronavirus, Dingbo service staff will follow up the maintenance and technical support of diesel generator sets to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control institutions need to meet the demand for emergency electricity, and to light confidence with love and warmth.


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