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Different Cleaning Methods for Dirt on Generator Set Accessories

Oct. 11, 2021

In the maintenance of the generator set, the cleaning of spare parts should not be neglected. Oil, coke, oxide scale and rust on the surface of parts are often removed. Due to the different nature of various dirt, the cleaning method is also different. In this article, Starlight power generation equipment will be introduced in detail.

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Most people think that washing parts with gasoline and diesel is cleaner than washing parts with water, but it not only wastes fuel, but also easily leads to chronic poisoning of repairmen who have been exposed to gasoline for a long time. Safety technical regulations prohibit gasoline cleaning of parts. Use non-ionic surfactant and water to prepare about 5% aqueous solution, which can replace gasoline and diesel to clean parts. It has the advantages of fuel saving, non-toxic, low environmental pollution, safety, low cost, and good cleaning effect. It has been widely used at home and abroad.

When cleaning all kinds of dirt on the generator set, the operator should be in a shutdown state. To ensure safety, the negative cable of the starting battery must be removed before cleaning to ensure that the generator set will not start by itself. Secondly, the cleaning methods of coke, oil and oxide scale of generator set components are as follows.

1. Decoking is usually caused by poor combustion of diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber or poor combustion of oil entering the combustion chamber through combustion chamber components. Focus on valves, pistons and cylinder heads. A simple mechanical decoking method can be used to clean the coke, that is, a metal brush or scraper is used to clean the coke, but this method is not easy to remove the coke of the generator set, and it is easy to damage the surface of the parts. It is best to use chemical methods to remove coke, that is, first use a decarburizer (chemical solution) to heat the coke to 80~90 degrees Celsius to soften the coke on the parts, and then remove the coke with a brush.

2. When the surface area is thick, it should be scraped off. Generally speaking, the oil stains on the surface of the parts should be cleaned with hot cleaning fluid. Commonly used cleaning fluids are alkaline cleaning fluids and synthetic detergents. When using alkaline cleaning fluid for thermal cleaning, heat the parts to 70-90C, soak for 10-15 minutes, then take them out and rinse them with clean water, and then dry them with compressed air. It is not safe to clean with gasoline; aluminum alloy parts cannot be cleaned with strong alkaline cleaning fluid; non-metal rubber parts should be cleaned with alcohol or brake fluid.

3. Minerals and calcifications in the cooling water of the internal waterway of the generator set are easy to deposit on the inner wall of the waterway under high temperature, which will cause the scaling of the cooling waterway and reduce the cooling effect. CT of inner wall sediments of high-temperature sewers. Diesel in use may cause overheating or even damage to the generator set. Chemical methods are usually used to remove scale. Add the descaling chemical solution to the coolant. After the engine has been working for a period of time, replace the coolant. Commonly used chemical solutions for descaling include caustic soda solution or hydrochloric acid solution, sodium fluoride hydrochloric acid descaling agent and phosphoric acid descaling agent. Phosphoric acid descaling agent is suitable for descaling of aluminum alloy parts. After cleaning the parts, pay attention to the installation direction. Some components can be installed on both sides, but it is not conducive to the installation of the equipment in any direction. Therefore, attention should be paid to the installation direction.

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