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Environmental Policy Prompted Diesel Generators to Improve Fuel

Aug. 08, 2023

People home and abroad pay more attention to environmental protection.In the diesel generator industry, it can easily cause air pollution and endanger the safety of operators if the diesel generator is poorly burned. Therefore, the environmental protection policy is forcing diesel generators to reduce fuel consumption by improving fuel.

1, Intake pipe water spray

The main function of spray water to intake pipe is to absorb heat and dilute the fuel density, which could further reduce the NOx emissions reduction. It should be noted that the diesel generating sets storage tank need to be antifreeze in Winter, and requires the size of the load automatically adjust the amount of water spray.

2, Emulsified diesel

Put water into diesel means emulsified diesel. In addition, emulsified diesel can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so NOx production decreases.

The above two approaches are to promote fuel oil combustion through the adjustment of the fuel. After fully burned, the harmful gas emitted by the diesel generating set naturally decreases, which is quite effective in reducing the environmental pollution and ensuring the safety of the working environment.

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