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The Reason of Diesel Generator Temperature Too High

Sep. 01, 2017

Diesel generator sometimes have too high temperatures, especially in the summer, what is the reason? There are six main reasons.

1.Generator temperature is too high may be caused by the motor damp, need to be local dry.

2.The generator set is in poor condition. If it is the silicon rectifier, can check the silicon components. Check whether the excitation circuit is grounded.

3.Generator fan cooling is bad. Check if the duct is blocked and the fan is damaged.

4.When the generator is running, the stator winding has short circuit or leakage. The stator windings should be checked at this time.

5.When the generator is running, it has core friction between the stator and the rotor. Most of the reason is caused by damage to the bearing, should immediately stop repair or replace the bearing.

6.Generator running load time is too long. At this point should reduce the load.

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