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Precautions for Diesel Generator Sets in Winter

Aug. 07, 2023

In order to prolong the service life of diesel generator sets, special attention should be paid to the precautions for diesel generator sets in winter. Only in the process of daily use in winter can the diesel generator sets be protected from damage.

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Precautions for Diesel Generator Sets in Winter

1. Avoid choosing fuel randomly. The low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, the viscosity increases, and it is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization and deterioration of combustion, resulting in a decline in the power and economic performance of the diesel engine. Therefore, light diesel with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be used in winter. It is generally required that the freezing point of diesel engines should be 7-10℃ lower than the local minimum temperature in the current season.

2. Start with an open flame for combustion. Do not remove the air filter. Dip cotton yarn into diesel oil and ignite it as a firelighter, which is placed in the intake pipe for combustion-supporting start. In this way, during the start-up process, the dust-laden air from the outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered, causing abnormal wear of pistons, cylinders and other parts, causing the diesel engine to work rough and damaging the machine.

3. The water is released too early or the cooling water is not released. Run at idling speed before turning off the flame, wait until the cooling water temperature drops below 60℃ and the water does not burn your hands, turn off the flame and release the water. If the cooling water is discharged prematurely, the body will shrink suddenly when the temperature is high, and cracks will appear. When draining water, the remaining water in the body should be completely drained to prevent it from freezing and swelling and causing the body to burst.

4. Bake the oil pan with an open flame. In order to avoid deterioration of the oil in the oil pan, or even scorching, the lubrication performance is reduced or completely lost, thereby aggravating the wear of the machine. In winter, low-freezing point oil should be used, and the temperature of the oil can be increased by heating in a water bath outside the machine when starting.

5.  Improper starting method. In winter, some drivers are able to quickly start diesel generator sets, and often use an abnormal starting method without water (start first, then add cooling water). This practice can cause serious damage to the machine, and its use should be prohibited. The correct preheating method is: first cover the heat preservation quilt on the water tank, open the drain valve, and continuously pour 60-70℃ clean and soft water into the water tank, and then close the drain valve when you touch the water flowing out of the drain valve with your hands and feel hot. Fill the water tank with clean and soft water at 90-100℃, and shake the crankshaft so that all moving parts are properly pre-lubricated before starting.

6. Low temperature load operation. After the diesel generator set started to catch fire, some drivers could not wait to immediately put into load operation. Diesel engines that have caught fire soon, due to the low body temperature and high oil viscosity, the oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the moving pair, which will cause serious wear of the machine. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to "cold brittleness". Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idling for a few minutes at low and medium speed, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60℃.

7. Do not pay attention to body insulation. The low temperature in winter may cause excessive cooling of the diesel engine during operation. Therefore, heat preservation is the key to good use of diesel generator sets in winter. In the northern regions, diesel generator sets used in winter should be equipped with cold-proof equipment such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains.

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