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How to Handle Diesel Generator Set Safely?

Oct. 16, 2019

The weight and center of gravity of the Diesel Generator Set is important for mechanical handling, the lifting points are marked on most gensets, they should always be lifted at the baseframe or single lift point and never at the separate engine or alternator lifting points. A Volvo Generator Set can quickly slide off fork toes if incorrectly handled, lifting a genset with a crane device can damage generator components if forethought is not put into the need for spreader beams etc. The use of jacks, rollers, crowbars, handling on uneven, off-level surfaces must also be taken into account. A genset damaged during handling is no use to the customer.

Are the people carrying out the genset handling qualified, licensed or at least experienced in this work? - too many times Yuchai Generators are damaged by installers that are not knowledgeable of the product or the handling method they are carrying out.

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