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Protection Function of Diesel Generator

Sep. 09, 2017

With the development of modern industrial progress , more and more diesel generators are used. The users should pay attention to its protection during use, or a fault would occur after a period of time. But do you know the four kinds of protection function of diesel generator? They are water high temperature protection, low oil pressure protection, overcurrent protection, excess load protection.

1. High temperature. The generator control module will give warning and stop working when the water tank temperature of generator unit reaches more than 98 degrees.

2. Low oil pressure. When the generator oil is insufficient or reached the guard position, the generator will also issue low oil pressure alarm and stop working.

Diesel Generator

3. Overcurrent. When the user's load exceeds the rated current of the generator set, the generator will stop and alarm.

4. Over load. when the user's load exceeds the generator's rated power, the generator will also alarm shutdown.

In addition, diesel generator sets have many other protection parameters, such as low voltage, short circuit and so on. They can be ordered according to different customers’ requirements! More related information pls visit here

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