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Noise Reduction Method of Cummins Generator Set

Mar. 14, 2018

If Cummins Generator Set unit is is installed on the concrete floor:

1.A reinforced concrete base should be cast on the floor.

2.The concrete base should pass the pressure test above 173KPa for one month.

3.The concrete base should be at least 150mm above the floor, and at least 150mm at each side of the chassis of the extension unit.

4.The J or L anchor bolts should be pre buried on the cement seat.

China Cummins Generator Set is fixed on the chassis type oil tank:

1.The shock absorber must be added between the engine and the tank.

2.The tank structure and strength must be able to bear the static load and dynamic load of the Generator Set unit.

3.There must be a certain distance between the bottom of the tank and the ground, to facilitate the maintenance.

China Cummins Generator Set

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