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How Much Do You Know About Cummins Diesel Generator?

Aug. 08, 2023

In this article, we will talk about Cummins Diesel Generator in detail. Any questions about it welcome contact us. We are Cummins Diesel Generator Supplier.

Cummins diesel generator type: rotating magnetic field, single bearing, 4 pole, brushless, drip-proof structure, insulation class H level, in line with GB766, BS5000, IEC34-1 level standards. The generator can be used in sand salt, seawater and chemical corrosion environments.

Basic features of Cummins Diesel Generator

The Cummins Diesel Generator's low reactance design minimizes the waveform distortion under non-linear loads and has good motor starting performance.

Meet the standards: ISO8528, ISO3046, BS5514, GB / T2820-97

Commonly used power: refers to the continuous operation of power under changing load conditions, allowing 1 hour every 12 hours Overload 10%.

Standby power: refers to the continuous operation of power under fluctuating load conditions in emergency.

The standard voltage is 380VAC-440VAC, all rated power is 40 ℃ ambient power.

Cummins Diesel Generator insulation class H level

Group technical performance of Cummins Diesel Generator

Cummins Diesel Generator Phase Direction: A (U) B (V) C (W)

Stator: Skew structure, 2/3 knuckle winding, will effectively suppress the midline current and output voltage waveform distortion.

Rotor: Balancing before assembly and connecting directly with engine via flexible drive plate. Perfect damper windings reduce oscillations in parallel.

Cooling: Direct drive Cummins diesel generator centrifugal fan.

Body structure

Cylinder: Alloy cast iron, replaceable wet liner.

Crankshaft: alloy steel structure, full support, journal and fillet quenching.

Piston: eutectic silicon alloy, the first ring groove wear rings, oil cooling.

Maintenance of of Cummins Diesel Generator

diesel generator

Six points of diesel generator fuel supply system maintenance

1, The generator set is generally working for 100h, cleaning the diesel filter diesel generator diesel engine once;

2, Work 500h, clean the fuel tank and the pipeline, remove the coke on the injector even parts, calibration injection pressure, check the spray atomization quality;

3, Oil pipe joints and seal joints should not have leakage;

4, Diesel to be purified by injection and then into the tank;

5, Disassembly or long-term idle diesel engine for the first time, to release the air in the oil. Bleed method: Open the fuel switch, release the bleed pump on the pump screw. If there is air in the oil circuit, this is a bubble, until the bubble runs out of normal flow of oil, the gas has been exhausted, then tighten the deflation screw

6, Regardless of genset diesel engine work or idle, have to cover the tank filler cap, so as to avoid the stolen goods and dust fall into the tank.

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