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Correct use and maintenance of fuel pump in Volvo diesel generator

Aug. 05, 2023

Before installing the fuel pump of the Volvo diesel generator, check whether the model and specifications are correct, and remove the anti-rust oil. The thickness of the gasket should be appropriate to prevent the piston from topping or running out of place due to too thin or too thick. Tighten the bolts The tightening torque should be even at the time to prevent damage to the oil pump.

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The core of the coarse filter in the oil pump joint is easily clogged by cotton wool and other dirt. It must be checked and cleaned frequently, and the filter must be repaired or replaced in time if it is damaged. If there is a rubber sealing device between the hand oil pump piston and the hand oil pump body on the oil transfer pump, do not disassemble it at will, and replace the rubber ring if it is damaged.


After the hand oil pump is used, it must be pressed back and the button is tightened to prevent the hand oil pump and rubber ring or ball valve and valve seat from causing air intake or oil leakage due to insufficient pressure. Ensure the normal elasticity of the "four springs" of the plunger pump. The “four springs” are piston spring, tappet (roller) spring, inlet valve spring, and outlet valve spring. Springs should be replaced or adjusted in time if their elasticity is weakened or broken.


Ensure that the sealing gaskets are intact and undamaged, and the number of times of disassembly and assembly of the plastic retaining ring should not be too many, and should be replaced regularly. Some oil transfer pumps are provided with a drain hole on the pump body. The function of this hole is to make a small amount of diesel oil leaked from the oil transfer pump flow out of the pump body directly. Do not plug the hole to prevent diesel oil from entering the oil sump of the fuel injection pump to dilute the lubricating oil.


When it is found that there is too much diesel oil in the oil sump of the fuel injection pump, check whether the gap between the piston and the pump body, the tappet and the tappet sleeve of the fuel transfer pump is too large. If the gap is too large, it should be dealt with in time to prevent the fuel injection pump and governor from leaking seriously Poor lubrication of internal parts.


When the Volvo diesel generator is shut down for a long time, prevent the mating surfaces of the fuel pump, especially the piston and the pump body, the tappet and the tappet sleeve from rusting due to water in the oil. Anti-rust measures must be taken (change the fuel injection pump oil when shutting down Lubricating oil with moisture, diesel oil and other impurities in the bottom shell).


The above is the content that Dingbo introduced to you about the correct use and maintenance of Volvo diesel generator fuel pump. Do you have any questions about this and need to know. Welcome email us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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