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Control lubricating oil temperature and oil pressure of diesel generator set

Aug. 05, 2023

Lubricating oil is an important material to assist the work of diesel generator sets. During use, the lubricating oil will produce some undesirable changes under the influence of temperature and pressure. Therefore, Dingbo Power reminds everyone to control the temperature and pressure of the lubricating oil.

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What is the relationship between temperature, pressure and diesel generator set lubricating oil?


Take a gasoline engine as an example. During operation, the lubricating oil temperature should be kept at 80~85℃, and the temperature of the water should be 80~90℃. Diesel power generation also has relevant regulations, and a certain oil and water temperature should be maintained in accordance with the specifications. When the engine oil temperature and water temperature are too high, the lubricating oil is prone to oxidize and polymerize at high temperatures to produce polymer gums, asphaltenes and other substances. But at low temperatures, it is easy to condense the gas and cause liquid phase corrosion, and it is easy to Precipitation occurs in the crankcase, etc.


The lubricating oil pressure should also be kept within the specified range. If the lubricating oil pressure is too high, it will cause a large amount of lubricating oil to flee into the combustion chamber, which not only wastes lubricating oil and pollutes the environment, but also increases coking in the engine combustion chamber. Large parts are worn and there is even a risk of cylinder pulling.


So what is a good way to control oil temperature and oil pressure? At this aspect , you can consult Dingbo's technical staff for further consultation, and let the professionals guide you to better operate the diesel generator set. Welcome send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com to get more information or if you have any question on diesel generator.

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