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Comparison Of Gas And Diesel Generators

Aug. 07, 2023

Choosing a generator in today's uncertain fuel prices requires a durable, reliable and cost effective unit. Diesel generators have a tried and true history of being extremely efficient and economical. Diesel is slightly more expensive than gasoline, but it can extract more energy than the same amount of gasoline. This is why diesel engines in automobiles offer higher mileage, making them a better choice for heavy transportation and equipment. Next, the diesel generator supplier will compare gas and diesel generators.

Gasoline vs. Diesel

Gasoline tanks - Diesel Engine Solutions Midwest Indianapolis diesel generators are a better option than gasoline, starting with the gasoline in the gasoline. Consider storage. Gasoline is more flammable than diesel fuel. If you store the fuel in an area where the heat source is also high or where there is an open flame (such as a garage with a work area), diesel is a safer choice because it does not pose the risk of accidental ignition.

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Diesel fuel also has a longer shelf life than gasoline. Under good conditions, diesel fuel without additives will last 6 to 12 months. On the other hand, gasoline without additives has a shelf life of about three months. The shorter shelf life means that gasoline must be handled and used at a rate twice to four times greater than diesel fuel. This use requirement may increase the cost of owning a generator.


Another advantage of diesel fuel is that it is more readily available than gasoline in an emergency situation. Since most vehicles and small portable generators use gasoline, competition for fuel will increase when power is interrupted. However, diesel fuel provides less fuel for cars and generators. This means you will spend less time waiting at the pump when you need to refill your tank.

Diesel engine noise and gasoline engine noise

Older diesel engines were noisy. But contemporary models are not. They run as quietly as gasoline engines, except at idle.

When they are running at full throttle, gasoline engines actually produce more noise than diesel. In order for gasoline engines to produce enough power and remain small, they must run at a higher RPM than diesel engines. As a result, they produce more noise. Most small gasoline generators run at 3,600 RPM. diesel typically runs at about 1,800 RPM.

Diesel and Natural Gas: Maintenance and Longevity

Diesel engines require less maintenance than gasoline engines. Diesel engines do not require spark plug changes, nor do they require maintenance and carburetor replacements. 1800 RPM water-cooled diesel engines can run for 12,000 to 30,000 hours without major maintenance. A comparable gasoline generator will run for 6,000 to 10,000 hours and then require major maintenance.


One of the reasons diesel fuel lasts longer is that diesel engines burn at a lower temperature than gasoline. Excess gasoline causes parts to wear out. Another reason diesel systems last longer is that diesel exhaust is not as corrosive as gasoline exhaust.

Comparing the extended use of diesel and gas engines

Finally, diesel generators are better suited for long-term use than gasoline engines. Most larger diesel generators are liquid-cooled, while smaller portable generators are air-cooled. For extended use, liquid-cooled models have an advantage, as air-cooled models can cause overheating over extended periods of time, especially at high ambient temperatures.


Diesel generators are also designed to operate under heavy loads for longer periods of time. In fact, they perform better under heavier loads than they do under lighter loads, so they perform best when you actually need them and when they are running. Gasoline generators are intended for intermittent use only. They are not designed for major power outages.

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