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Common Misoperations of Cummins Diesel Generators

Nov. 18, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about the common misoperations of Cummins diesel generators. If any else you need to know, welcome to visit our Starlight website. And then we will introduce the related content to you

Running when the diesel engine oil is insufficient will result in insufficient oil refueling on the surface of each friction pair, resulting in abnormal wear and burns. Therefore, before starting the Cummins diesel generator and during the operation of the diesel engine, ensure enough oil to prevent cylinder wear and shoe burning caused by insufficient oil.

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Emergency stop with load or stop immediately after unloading the load suddenly. After the Cummins diesel generator is turned off, the cooling system stops water circulation, the heat dissipation capacity drops sharply, the heated parts lose cooling, the cylinder head, cylinder bore and cylinder block are overheated, cracks and pistons hang in the cylinder bore and are prone to excessive expansion. On the other hand, once the Cummins diesel generator is stopped, it will not cool when idling, and the oil on the friction surface is insufficient. After the diesel engine is restarted, wear intensifies due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the Cummins diesel generator should be unloaded before the fire is extinguished, the speed gradually decreases, and the no-load operation time is several minutes.

Misoperation of Cummins diesel generator: When the Cummins diesel generator is started without preheating after cold start, due to high oil viscosity, poor fluidity, insufficient oil supply from the oil pump, lack of oil on the mechanical friction surface, poor lubrication, rapid wear, and the cylinder burns shoes. Therefore, after the diesel engine has started to cool down, run at idle speed to increase the temperature. When the reserve oil temperature reaches 40 or higher, please cut off the low gear when starting the machine under load operation, and make each gear drive a certain distance in sequence. Only when the fuel temperature is normal and the fuel is sufficient can it be turned to normal driving.

Misoperation of Cummins diesel generator: After the diesel engine is cold started, the speed of the Cummins diesel generator rises sharply when the accelerator is stepped on, and the friction surface of the engine is severely worn due to dry friction. In addition, if the throttle valve is blown, the force of the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft will change greatly, which will give a great impact and easily damage the parts.

Misoperation of Cummins diesel generators: Cummins diesel generators running under the condition of insufficient cooling water or excessively high cooling water and oil temperature will result in a decrease in cooling capacity. Diesel engines will also overheat the cooling water and oil temperature due to insufficient effective cooling. It will cause the diesel engine to overheat. At this time, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve of Cummins diesel generator are under high burning load. Their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness drop sharply, increasing the deformation of the parts, reducing the fitting gap between the parts, and accelerating The wear of the parts can even cause cracks and adhesion of the parts in severe cases. The overheating of Cummins diesel generators also deteriorates the combustion process of diesel engines, and the injectors work abnormally, causing poor atomization and increasing carbon storage.

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