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Common Faults of Regulators for Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 21, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the common faults of regulators in Volvo diesel generator sets. If you have any further information, please feel free to visit our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce relevant materials to you.

Volvo diesel generator

The repair method for contact burning is to use a fine file, platinum sand strip, and "00" sandpaper for grinding when the contact burning is not severe. When using a filing knife for grinding, the filing knife should be flat to avoid filing the contact points diagonally. When applying sand strips or sandpaper for grinding, it should be inserted into the fusion surface of the two contacts, and a slight amount of working pressure should be applied to the moving contacts. Then, the sand strips or sandpaper should be pulled out repeatedly, and the contacts can be ground off. After grinding, the contact points should be pulled and ground using "00" sandpaper in the above way, and then wiped clean with a clean strip of paper. If the contact is severely burned or has large pits, the contact should be replaced or the regulator should be immediately replaced.

Repair method for fixed fixed resistor and electromagnetic coil damage. After the fixed resistor on the opposite side of the regulator is damaged due to a circuit or short circuit fault, in general, it is necessary to replace it with a new resistor of the same specification, model, and output power; When the standard is approved, it can also be disassembled from the old regulator.

When the electromagnetic coil connector is in an open welding condition, it can be welded again with electric chromium iron. If there is burning damage inside the electromagnetic coil, the coil inductance can be carried out according to the number of coil turns disassembled for the same specification and diameter of transmission lines. It can also be disassembled from an old regulator of the same model, and then the connection head can be welded firmly with electricity and soldering iron.

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