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Common Faults During Normal Operation of Volvo Generator Sets

Jan. 10, 2022

Today we will give you a brief introduction to the common faults that occur during normal operation of Volvo generator sets.

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Interphase short circuit of the stator winding: If the short circuit between the stator windings of the Volvo generator set is not removed in time, the entire Volvo generator set will be burned, causing extremely serious consequences. Therefore, there must be two or more sets of rapid protection to respond to such failures.

Stator winding inter-turn short circuit: An inter-turn short circuit occurs in the stator winding of a Volvo generator set, which will generate a large current in the short-circuit ring. There have been reports of such burns due to inter-turn short circuit and even burned Volvo generator sets at home and abroad. Therefore, the Volvo generator set should be cut off quickly when a short circuit between turns of the stator winding occurs. With the increasing maturity of Volvo generator set design technology, there are fewer and fewer windings in the same slot, and the possibility of turn-to-turn short circuits is greatly reduced.

Stator single-phase grounding: Stator single-phase grounding is not a short-circuit fault. However, due to the following reasons, it requires sensitive and reliable response to single-phase grounding faults: The neutral point of many 600MW units has high resistance grounded. The capacitive current will burn the iron core at the fault point. The vast majority of short circuits are first developed due to single-phase grounding not being dealt with in time. The voltage of the non-grounded phase rises when grounding, which affects the insulation.

Loss of excitation: due to failure of the excitation equipment, short circuit of the excitation winding, etc., the loss of excitation (total or partial loss of excitation) causes the Volvo generator set to enter asynchronous operation, which has a great impact on the safe operation of the system and the Volvo generator set , Large units require timely and accurate monitoring of loss of magnetism faults.

One-point and two-point grounding faults of the rotor: The one-point grounding of the rotor does not have a great impact on the turbine Volvo generator set. Generally, it is allowed to continue to run for a period of time. (Note: A point grounding of the water turbine Volvo generator set will cause the unit to vibrate. Therefore, it is required to remove the Volvo generator set to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

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