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Common Failures of Automatic Welding Equipment for Diesel Generator sets

Dec. 13, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction to the common faults and troubleshooting methods of automatic welding equipment for diesel generator sets. If any else you need to know, welcome to visit our Starlight website.

When the power supply cannot detect the cooling water, the automatic welding equipment will automatically detect the water circulation status of the cooling system when it is started. If it is normal, it will enter the next program. If it is abnormal, it will send an alarm message to indicate that there is no coolant flow. The device cannot start normally.

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The analysis of the information given by the alarm prompt "No coolant flow" shows that during the equipment's circulating water detection process, the entire circulating system has not formed a loop. First of all, we must know the structure of the entire circulating system, which is composed of a water tank, a water pump, a water pressure valve, a heat exchanger, a circulating water pipe and a control system. Then check whether there is a problem with the control system. If the control system is normal, it is necessary to check the various parts of the circulation system to see if there are any parts damaged and joints blocked.

Maintenance experience tells us that most diesel generator sets "cannot detect cooling water" failures are caused by clogged joints. If the cause of the failure is analyzed, the next step can be to replace the damaged parts or remove the impurity of the connector according to the cause of the failure to eliminate the failure.

The wire feeding motor receives an abnormal command. When using the remote control for wire feeding and wire drawing functions, if the wire feeding motor always runs in one direction, and the motor can supply power, it means that no matter if the wire feeding or drawing command is given on the remote control. The motor always receives the same command, that is, the wire feeding command is abnormal. This function is composed of three parts: input system (remote control), control system (wire feeding control circuit board and control program), and output system (wire feeding motor). First of all, we must check these three parts one by one. The remote control and motor problems can be ruled out from the power supply and the command output and input. Then start with the control panel and the control program. Since the wire feeding and wire drawing instructions are given feedback, but the execution of the instruction has an error, the circuit board problem can be eliminated. Finally, we must start with the control program problem. Generally, such problems are caused by the wrong input/output code of the wire feeding control program (the input/output code belongs to the same instruction). The problem can be solved by changing the input/output code instructions. If this kind of problem is caused by the lack of the wire feeding function control program file, the software should be upgraded. By checking one by one in this way, the source of the command exception can be quickly found and resolved quickly.

Abnormal swing automatic welding equipment has the function of swinging the machine head left and right, and the equipment often has no swing function or abnormal swing during use. The swing function system is composed of four parts: input system (remote control), control system (swing control circuit board and control program), output system (swing motor, swing rail) and rheostat. Normally, if you encounter no-swing function, you must first check whether the swing fuse is intact, whether the control system is normal, whether there is a problem with the swing motor and the swing guide. However, maintenance experience has found that the non-swing function is mostly caused by the blown fuse. Replace the fuse. Can be resolved. The abnormal swing is generally caused by damage to the varistor.

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