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Common Cooling Methods for Diesel Generating sets

Jan. 25, 2022

There are two common cooling methods for diesel generating sets, air cooling and water cooling. The principle is the same as that of the engine. The temperature in the environment is taken away by this fast heating and strong fluidity substance, thereby controlling the working environment. temperature. The water cooling mainly works by the water circulation system. The water pump draws the cold water into the cold water pipeline, and the heat is taken away by the water flow wrapped in the water cooling pipeline on the equipment.

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Air cooling is generally a ventilation system installed in the engine room of the diesel generator set to achieve the purpose of controlling the indoor temperature through the exchange of cold and hot air. There are four common ventilation systems:

1. Usual ventilation system: The ventilation of the engine room of the diesel generator set is usually the ventilation volume of 10 to 15 times of air changes, and only the exhaust fan can be set; rear exhaust system.

2. Diesel generator set process air intake and exhaust system: The motor itself has a large exhaust duct, which is provided by the diesel generator set. We can cooperate with an air well. At the same time, the air intake system is designed to supplement the exhaust air volume and The combustion air volume of the generator set (electrical capital raising) is equipped with a blower, and the air volume of this system is very large.

3. Diesel generator set exhaust gas system: It involves environmental protection issues, usually called "exhaust pipe". The diesel generator set comes with it. There is also a special well for this system in the electrical standard atlas. In fact, the engineering design It is difficult for a building to have so many open spaces. Most of it is discharged outdoors by the exhaust shaft of the diesel generator set.

4. Oil storage room exhaust system: It can be used in combination with the usual ventilation system. At this time, the branch pipe leading to the oil storage room is equipped with a check valve and a fire damper; it can also be set up as a separate system, using an explosion-proof fan.

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