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Common Causes of Generator Voltage Oscillation Instability

Sep. 18, 2017

It would be a great convenience if we can know our diesel generator well. If we can check out the problems that generator do not work normally. It would save a lot of time and money.Sometimes, we may face that our generator voltage oscillation instability, did you think of the common causes and the treatments accordingly?

Diesel Generator

(1) Reason: loose wiring or loose brush.

Processing: tight the wiring, adjust the brush.

(2) Reason: automatic voltage regulator is faulty or partial connection is wrong.

Handling: check the automatic voltage regulator, eliminate the trouble and correct the local wiring.

(3) Reason: the power network is unstable.

Deal with: recover the power network.

(4) Reason: The commutator mica bulges and brush beats.

Treatment: scrape the raised mica.

(5) Reason: the speed of the prime mover is unstable.

Handling: check the prime mover and stabilize the speed.

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