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Characteristics of Yuchai Diesel Generator

Aug. 09, 2023

Yuchai diesel generator sets have been more than 40 years of history, the products are widely used in military, civilian, marine and other fields; All supporting products use high quality diesel engine produced by Yuchai own production; Yuchai diesel generator run smoothly, low noise, fast and reliable cold start performance, compact design, small fuel consumption, low operating costs. There are some unique features.

1.Digital control system, with a high degree of intelligence; according to the different needs of users to computer remote control, group control, telemetry, automatic fault protection and other different functions of the product;

2.Power is strong, at an altitude of 1000m or less, can output the nameplate rated power, and can be less than 1 hour output rated power 110% overload power;

3.Fuel consumption and lubricating oil consumption rate is much better than similar domestic products;

4.Small vibration, low noise, high reliability;

5.Low emissions, in line with national environmental requirements;

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