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Cause of Abnormal Ringing of Power Generator

Aug. 09, 2023

As the generator structure is complex, poor working conditions, and thus it has higher failure rate, often become the focus of diagnosis and detection of objects.

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1, aerodynamic abnormal sound

The aerodynamic noise is mainly caused by the airflow due to the intake, exhaust and operation of the generator.

2, mechanical abnormal sound

The movement of the gap is too large and have damage, operation caused the impact and vibration. Due to wear or improper adjustment caused the large gap, operation to produce shock and vibration sound waves, such as the crankshaft main bearing ring, connecting rod bearing ring, camshaft bearing ring, piston knock ring, valve foot ring, timing gear ring and so on.

3, burning abnormal sound

Burning abnormal sound is mainly caused by abnormal combustion of the generator. When diesel generator works, the cylinder will have a very high pressure wave, these pressure waves hit each other, issued a abnormal sound. 

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