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Basic Knowledge of Genset Controller

Jan. 10, 2022

Diesel generator sets generally consists of three parts: the engine, generator and automatic genset controller. The engine provides power. The generator converts the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy. The genset controller is the brain part of the generator set. It not only provides engine start-up, shutdown, data measurement, data display and fault protection functions, but also provides generator power measurement , Power display and power protection.

Automatic Genset Controller

Generator Controller is the core of the generator, the equivalent of the human brain. The standard is defined as a master device that controls the startup, speed regulation, braking, and reverse of the generator. The method is by changing the wiring of the main circuit or control circuit in accordance with a predetermined order and changing the resistance in the circuit. It consists of a program counter, an instruction register, an instruction decoder, a timing generator and an operation controller. It is a "decision-making agency" that issues a command to complete the coordination, and control the overall operation of the generator set.

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