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Basic Conditions for Normal Operation of Automated Generator Sets

Sep. 04, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about the basic conditions that can ensure the normal operation of automated generator sets.

The battery power of the generator set must be sufficient: the start method of the generator set is electric start. When starting, the electric energy of the battery is used to drive the starting motor, so as to realize the normal starting of the generator set. Therefore, in their daily work, the staff should regularly check whether the battery's floating charging device (battery charging device, the self-contained device of the generator set control system) is in good condition, and check whether the battery voltage is above 24V.

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Ensure the oil capacity of the oil sump: Check the oil level gauge of the oil sump regularly, and the lubricating oil capacity should be kept near the scale line on the oil level gauge (slightly lower than the upper scale). A small amount of lubricating oil will be consumed during the passing of the generator set. If the amount of oil is insufficient, the oil pressure will drop. When the control system detects that the oil pressure is too low (too low oil pressure will bring great harm to the diesel engine), it will realize the automatic shutdown function, which will affect the normal use of the unit.

Keep the cooling liquid in the cooling water tank adequate: After the machine is running, the cooling liquid is circulated inside the water tank and the diesel engine through the water pump, and the fan is used to disperse the water tank to realize heat exchange. Therefore, the lack of coolant will affect the heat dissipation of the diesel engine. Excessive water temperature of the diesel engine will also cause automatic shutdown of the unit, affecting normal use.

Sufficient fuel in the daily fuel tank: The generator set is a kind of mechatronics equipment that converts the chemical energy of diesel into electrical output, and its energy comes from diesel. Therefore, sufficient diesel fuel can ensure the normal operation of the unit. In daily work, the diesel fuel capacity in the daily fuel tank should be kept not less than one-half of the fuel tank capacity.

The control switch on the control panel of the generator set should be in "automatic" mode. The radiator for the high-power generator set is additionally equipped with a fan to dissipate heat. The electricity generated by the generator set is used to drive the fan motor to dissipate heat from the water tank. Therefore, in this case, the radiator fan switch should also be placed in the "automatic" position.

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