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Assembly Methods of Generator Set Cylinder Liner

Jul. 05, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the assembly method of the cylinder liner of the generator set.

generator set

First clean the cylinder liner, and then paste the copper washer on the bearing surface of the cylinder liner flange with grease. Put the water blocking field into the cylinder liner groove, and pay attention to placing it evenly and not twisting. After the water blocking ring is installed, it is also necessary to check the height of the water blocking ring protruding from the outer surface of the cylinder liner matching belt, which should generally be 0.35~0.65mm. If the protruding height is less than 0.35mm, the sealing will be loose, and the cooling water will enter the oil pan through the water blocking ring; if the protruding height is greater than 0.65mm, the cylinder liner will be deformed. Before the cylinder sleeve is installed into the body, some oil or soapy water should also be applied to the water blocking ring.

When assembling the cylinder liner of the generator set, both hands should be held together, and it can be installed by pressing down firmly while rotating. In the process of assembling the cylinder liner, prevent the water blocking ring and the copper washer from curling. In order to check the assembly quality, the water blocking ring should generally be subjected to a hydrostatic test to check whether it is leaking.

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