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Anti-corona Treatment Method for Stator Bar of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 26, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the anti-corona treatment method for the stator bar of diesel generator set.

diesel power generator

Brush package type anti-corona treatment for diesel generator sets. After the main insulation of the wire rod is cured, the wire rod is modified in size, and the surface of the wire rod is painted with anti-halation paint. After drying, the low-resistance asbestos tape or the low-resistance alkali-free glass fiber tape with low resistance is flat-wrapped, and then the anti-halation paint is applied.

One-time molding anti-corona treatment. After wrapping the main insulation, wrap the low-resistance anti-corona tape and the high-resistance anti-corona tape respectively on the outside of the main insulation at the groove and the end, and at the same time wrap a certain number of layers of additional insulation (additional insulating material) on the outside of the high-resistance anti-corona tape. The same as the main insulating material, the number of layers is related to the stator voltage level, but some manufacturers do not use additional insulation). Then the anti-corona layer and the main insulation are put into the mold together for one-time hot pressing.

Coated anti-corona treatment for diesel generator sets. After the main insulation is cured and formed, the surface of the wire rod is coated with high and low resistance anti-corona paint. Some foreign manufacturers use coating type anti-corona treatment, combined with semiconductor groove lining structure.

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