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Air Intake System for Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 09, 2023

The intake pipe is the main air intake system of the diesel generator. The basic type diesel engine has two kinds of intake pipes of cast iron and metal. V-type diesel engine left and right two trachea can not be interchangeable. Diesel engine installation must be noted that the inlet and cylinder head must be sealed surface, the inlet tube does not allow any debris, such as metal debris, or inhalation into the cylinder will cause damage to the accident. Most of the variants of the product on the intake pipe are warning signs to remind the user to comply with the implementation.

Air filter is part of the diesel generator air system, the role of the air filter is to filter out the dust in the air to reduce the cylinder liner, the piston group of zero capture about Qing loss, Ting long diesel engine life. Basic type of diesel air filter commonly used two kinds of filter.

General marine non-supercharged diesel engine use inertia steel velvet oil bath air filter, land-use supercharged diesel engines using paper composite air filter.

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