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Dingbo Power Successfully Signed Two Ricardo Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 26, 2023

On February 27, 2017, Dingbo Power successfully signed a purchase contract with Guangxi Hangyang Xinhe Real Estate Co., Ltd. for two Ricardo generator sets with the power of 1000KW and 1500KW respectively, relying on its superb technology, good product quality and perfect after-sales service system. Both generator sets are equipped with Ricardo diesel engine and Dingbo Power generator. The service contents include transportation, loading and unloading, storage, commissioning, training, technical support, acceptance, etc. The Ricardo diesel generator set purchased by the user has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, large torque, easy starting, low emission, high power, high reliability, and convenient operation and maintenance. It is a product officially authorized by Ricardo, which has better performance, better quality and more guaranteed service among similar generator sets. It is also a recommended product by Starlight Power Ricardo generator set department.


Guangxi Hangyang Xinhe Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangxi Dongfang Hangyang Industrial Group, which was founded in 1995. It is a large comprehensive enterprise with commercial real estate development and operation as its main business, integrating shopping center operation, e-commerce, catering, property management, advertising, tourism development and other businesses. At present, the projects developed in Guangxi include: Hangyang Complex Building, Hangyang Building, Asian Airlines Wealth Center, Hangyang International City, Wuxiang Hangyang City and other well-known commercial buildings.


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The signing of this contract is the affirmation of Hangyang Company to our company. Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. will send professional technicians to the installation site to guide the installation and commissioning of the generator set in strict accordance with the contract requirements, and cooperate with the user to complete the acceptance work. In addition, Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. will also establish customer files for the user, track service, regular inspection and lifelong maintenance, and lay a good reputation foundation for winning more users!


Founded in 2006, Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of generator sets in China. Dingbo Power has 24 sales and service departments, which provide users with long-term technical advice, free debugging, free maintenance, and free training services. Looking forward to your inquiry, for more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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