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Deutz Diesel Generator Precautions

Aug. 09, 2023

Deutz diesel generator sets are reliable, high quality, small size, low fuel consumption, power range is 10 ~ 1760KW. The Deutz diesel generator set is compact in design, easy to use, easy to maintain, has strong environmental adaptability, high reliability, wide application and low vibration and low noise.

1.After the operation of Deutz diesel generator for 50 hours, need to discharge the water in the water separator, and check the start of the battery electrolysis level;

2.When the new generator set runs 200 to 300 hours, check the valve clearance and the injector.

3.After the operation of Deutz generator sets for 400 hours, need to check and adjust the drive belt, if necessary, replace the cleaning radiator chip and the discharge of sludge in the fuel tank;

4.For every 600 hours or at least every 12 months, need to replace the lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter;

5.Every 800 hours of operation, change oil and water separator and fuel filter, check the turbocharger is leaked, check the intake pipe for leaks, check and clean the fuel pipeline;

6.After every 1200 hours of operation, adjust the valve clearance; after 2000 hours of operation, replace the air filter and coolant, thoroughly clean the tank radiator chip and waterway;

7.After every 2400 hours of operation, check the injector, thoroughly check the cleaning turbocharger, and check the engine equipment thoroughly.

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