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The Distinction between The Common Power And Standby Power of Generator

Jul. 26, 2017

In the purchase of diesel generator sets, only focus on its performance, price, fuel consumption is not enough, but also understand the diesel generator power selection points.

The domestic diesel generator is marked by the common power. Generator maintenance, power generation units can used maximum power within 24 hours, we call it common power; And in a certain period of time, 1 hour can be used in the usual power overload, this time the unit power is what we usually say the maximum power, that is, standby power. In other words, if you buy the main 400kw unit, then you have 12 hours within 1 hour can run to 440kw, if the generator need maintenance, we should buy a spare 400kw unit, if you do not overload usually open at 400kw, the unit has been in the overload state, which is very unfavorable to the generating set, will shorten the life and cause a higher failure rate.

Therefore, the best power of the diesel generators is based on the user's total load based on 10% power reserve, which is economical and practical.

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