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What Parts of The Cummins Generator Are Not Suitable for Lubricating Oil?

Jun. 30, 2017

We all know that adding lubricating oil can reduce wear and tear of Cummins generator set parts, thereby extending service life, but in fact, there are some parts are not suitable for lubricating oil.

Cummins generating sets of dry cylinder, if the dry cylinder liner is added lubricating oil, which may cause the generator to overheat, thus Cummins generator can not work normally. 

Cylinder head and cylinder pad are not suitable for Cummins generator, when the generator works, the lubricating oil will be evaporated at high temperature, and the product is located at the top of the cylinder piston. The cylinder head nut maybe loose, resulting in leakage, so it is not suitable for smearing oil.

cummins power generator

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